You can not have one OF THESE without the others, it does not work!Infographic about coloration of aspects of a digital presence as it relates to marketing. In the center, a desktop computer screen with a cell phone next to it with the words "your website". Top: "Social Media" with brand icons for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, and Twitter. "Google & SEO" with the Google logo and SEO logo. "Print Marketing" newspaper icon. "Website Sales" shopping cart icon. Bottom: "Collect Emails" envelopes icons. "Customer Retention" group of people icon, "Upsell" hand holding a book with "$$$" with up arrow. "Advocacy" people icon with a talking bubble on top. "Attract your customers" group of 3 icons in dotted line rectangle: storefront icon, telephone icon, contact form icon. M T Box Designs logo.

You can hire a marketing employee on a salary*
* The average Marketing Specialist salary in New York is $113,000 the range typically falls between $85,000 – $141,000

You can use
M T Box Designs services starting at just $137/week!



Michele, the owner of M T Box Designs, is a North Salem, NY mom

who has been in the technology industry for over three decades with a focus on digital marketing.

Michele, the driving force behind M T Box Designs, brings over three decades of invaluable experience in business, technology, and marketing. With her dynamic approach and forward-thinking strategies, she has transformed the way businesses engage with their audience online. Despite her extensive expertise, Michele embodies the spirit of perpetual learning and innovation, ensuring that her strategies remain cutting-edge and effective in today’s ever-evolving digital landscape.

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