Definition of each of the services

  • These plans are to give you an idea of what services you will get
  • We will meet and discuss your needs and build a plan that is right for your business.

Up to ___ videos posts/week – We will determined the amount of posts per week on our agreed upon platform such as: Instagram • Facebook • Twitter • YouTube (shorts) • TikTok • Pinterest • Google business Profile. M T Box Designs will NEVER use any third party software to post across multiple platforms.  Using third party software can get your account/s banned and locked due to the platform thinking you are using a bot, which is a no-no! We will only use the in-platform scheduling features if available.


Up to ___ photo post/week (to same platforms as above) – same as above


Email marketing admin INCLUDED! – M T Box Designs will maintain and manage your INCLUDED Constant Contact ( email marketing software) account and use emails collected using your website forms where your viewers have opted in to allowing marketing emails (you CAN NOT send mass, unsolicited emails, it’s spam and it’s illegal).


Up to $___ Ad spending / month INCLUDED! – M T Box Designs recognizes that ad spend has become necessary to gain growth and engagement.  With your plan some money is agreed on to go towards ads, at no additional cost to you!


___ hours / month Professional Services INCLUDED! –  These are extra hours for services not in plan, such as; photography, videography, editing photos, videos. Attend events to emcee and “go Live” on your social platforms and take photos and videos. 


Website build, up to XX  pages, with a standard email contact form AND up to ___ custom form / month for ad campaigns – M T Box Designs will build and host your website and email addresses.  And ad forms per campaigns as needed.


E-comm website design & management E-commerce means you are selling products and/or services online and you will be taking payments securely online. M T Box Designs will build the website and assist you in the management and training of you and your staff to add products, take orders, run reports, and more.  Fulfillment of your products and/or services are your responsibility. 


Google business Profile management – M T Box Designs will manage your Google profile for your business and make sure everything listed is correct and up-to-date (phone numbers, addresses, website address, hours) and provide posts to keep the profile up-to-date. 


Print marketing design and ad management – M T Box Design will create graphics for print and liaison between your business and print publications.  * Ads money included with your plan are not for print ads, the cost of running the ad with the publication is your responsibility.


SEO – Search Engine Optimization will be taken into account when creating your website and using proper keywords, meta tags, and strategies for each of your campaigns and marketing plan.


Google Ads management – Running Google ads is just as important as social media platform ads, and for some industries even more so, we will decide on a case by case basis where to put your ad money that is included with your plan.


Staff training: Customer retention, upsell, advocacy (reviews, word of month)  Now that we are getting customers in the door or calling you, what do you do with them!? M T Box Designs will train you and your staff on what to do when customers call, walk in the door, how to handle the marketing plan we have set up and how to upsell, how to retain customers and how to get customers to leave reviews in all pertinent places.


Monthly or weekly strategy meetings – We will plan for the following quarter in our regular strategy meetings.  That’s where we agree on what is working and what isn’t and we hone in on marketing plans for the following month or quarter.