Michele Tuosto, owner of M T Box Designs, marketing expert explains how local stores in malls and shopping centers will survive in 2024!

M T Box Designs in the news, Michele T, M T Box Designs in the news!

Michele Tuosto, owner of M T Box Designs and marketing expert, explains how local stores in malls and shopping centers will survive in 2024! Local stores and malls in the North Salem, NY, Danbury, CT areas need to pivot. Digital Marketing is just the beginning, Hudson Valley area businesses have to learn to bring people in the door in a different way, read more in the article.

North Salem, New York, local businesses as well as all of the Hudson Valley New York area’s brick and mortar stores are going to have to change the way they get customers in the door. They must compete with the online shopping experience in a way that gets people through the door for something other than purchasing a product! M T Box Designs, the Westchester and Fairfield Counties ONLY local area Marketing company that provides full-service solutions to your businesses’ needs, weighed in on the state of the retail business market and what it will take to bring customers back out into the malls and shops.

Michele T., marketing expert to businesses for over 2 decades talks about the answer to the retail shopping experience in the latest CT Insider article….

Michele T, M T Box Designs in the news: Read the full article here

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